Rumours that the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) will increase VAT to 17 per cent if re-elected are an absolute fabrication from the United Workers Party (UWP), designed solely to paint the SLP in a negative light. As a responsible party in Government, it is only right that we squash this untruth now.

This scaremongering by the UWP is not unexpected and typical of a party which is bereft of ideas and solutions. Pushing deliberately misleading information into the public domain is both underhand and irresponsible campaigning. Clearly the UWP is trying to distract from their complete lack of a sound economic policy. Allen Chastanet has still not explained how he intends to replace VAT despite repeated calls to do so. We can only assume that this is because he does not have an answer to this very straight forward question. In fact, Mr. Chastanet, despite his public pronouncements, just last week at a private indoor meeting Chastanet pronounced VAT as the best possible tax.

This is yet more evidence that Chastanet's irresponsible approach to our tax system will put our nation's economic recovery at risk. The people of St Lucia deserve better - they deserve a stable economic future with opportunities for the many not the few.

The Labour Party is with you, for you, for St Lucia.


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