'UWP Bleeding'

The Stephenson King government is bleeding says independent Senator Eustace Jn Marie.

The INDEPENDENT Senator asks, "Is there somebody really in charge of things?" This is telling. You know that when an independent wades into the political fray, something is seriously wrong. Since Stephenson King rose to the leadership of the country without receiving an electoral mandate from the people, several UWP members, including Janine Compton-Antoine, quit the party.

They quit the party for a variety of reasons, but, all the reasons go back to Stephenson King. He's a poor and ineffective leader. He isn't up to the task at hand. And, his party and his government are literally falling apart, according to the Senator. These are difficult economic times. This government has ushered in a jobs crisis and a crime crisis. We need new leadership and we need it now to stop the bleeding and get Saint Lucia back on the right track.


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Frederick Resigns: Questions Grow Louder

Why exactly did Richard Frederick resign? And, why exactly did the United States revoke his visa?

There is certainly more to this story than what we know right now - and, it can't be good for Stephenson King and the United Workers Party.

Another good question to ask is why has Richard Frederick not resigned from Parliament? If the offense is grave enough - in his view - to give up his ministerial duties, why is it not grave enough to give up his seat in Saint Lucia's Parliament?

When it comes to Richard Frederick, this story is only beginning. There's much more to be told. Why Richard Frederick isn't just honest with the people of Saint Lucia is beyond us. And, why Stephenson King has not asked Richard Frederick to be honest with us is telling indeed.

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SLP Launches Shawn Edward in Dennery North

This week, the SLP launched a dynamic new leader that has the energy, enthusiasm and ideas to represent Dennery North in Parliament. That candidate is Shawn Edward.

Shawn Edward is a Teacher with seventeen (17) years primary and secondary experience. He's a young person who understands the needs of and has the support of our young people. Shawn Edward knows that our young people are hurting. The failed UWP regime has brought with them misery in the form of the highest unemployment and crime rates in the history of our island. Young people are feeling the UWP's failures most acutely. It's our young people that are experiencing the highest unemployment of all demographic groups. It's our young people that are being pressured to join gangs and involve themselves in anti-social behaviour.

Unlike the scoundrel members of the UWP regime, Shawn Edward is an honourable young man - a role model for youths in our community! Shawn is an education who taught at the Aux Lyon Combined School for eight (8) years and the Dennery Secondary School for the last six (6) years; where he served as the Dean of Discipline, Head of the Information Technology and Business Department, Head of the Academic Committee, Cricket Coach and Education Management Information System (EMIS) Co-ordinator.

Imminently qualified, the former national cricketer holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Management and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Educational Studies.

Shawn Edward is rooted deep in the community and volunteers his time to improve Dennery North. He has served as President of Togetherness Youth & Sports Club from Derniere Riviere; President of the Mabouya Valley Youth & Sports Council, Coach of the Mabouya Valley Under 19 and Senior Cricket Teams, Member of the Comfort 2000 Management Committee and Member of the Coastal Development Advisory Committee of the Mabouya Valley Development Project. Shawn Edward has an excellent understanding of the socio-economic dynamics of Dennery North and his ability to listen and share the people’s vision for the development of their constituency, will serve him in good stead.

Shawn Edward was profiled in this recent HTS news report:

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SLP to King: Fire Richard Frederick

It's not everyday that the United States Government revokes a diplomatic visa for a member of a foreign government.

The United States has a history of doing this only under the gravest circumstances. Throughout the history of diplomatic visa revocations, violations of the laws of the United States are almost always the reason! In fact, when a Jamaican Minister recently had his American visa revoked, Prime Minister Bruce Golding relieved that Minister of his duties.But, has Prime Minister King? No. Instead, Stephenson King and the renegades in his government DEFENDED the embattled Richard Frederick.

This is an outrage. This is a VERY serious matter that calls for IMMEDIATE action by the Prime Minister. The fact that Stephenson King is supporting Frederick is telling. It speaks to the very character of who Stephenson King is. Stephenson King is weak. He's too weak to stand up to Richard Frederick. He's too weak to stand up to Guy Joseph. And, he's too weak to stand up to Rufus Bousquet. These are serious and difficult economic times. Crime in Saint Lucia is at an ALL TIME HIGH. And, unemployment in Saint Lucia is also at an ALL TIME HIGH. Now is not the time for a weak politician like Stephenson King who can't stand up to Guy Joseph when he makes sexist comments. And, now is not the time for a weak politician who can't stand up to Richard Frederick even though a clear cloud of suspicion hangs over him.

Kenny D. Anthony is a strong and effective leader. He is a Constitutional scholar. He is a respected leader in the region and across the globe. He is the kind of strong, effective and thoughtful leader that Saint Lucia needs right now to turn our country around.

Watch our response to Stephenson King's weak leadership and failure to reign in Richard Frederick:

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Outrage! UWP Snubs Nose at the Constitution!

The Constitution of Saint Lucia *REQUIRES* that a Deputy Speaker be appointed prior to house business being pursued.

The renegades in the United Workers Party, led by the head renegade Stephenson King refused to appoint a Deputy Speaker, even though it is required by the Constitution! We can only conclude that the UWP and Stephenson King have little regard for the Constitution of Saint Lucia and the rule of law.

Disregard for the Constitution speaks to the very character of Stephenson King and the UWP. Governments that snub their nose at the Constitution are governments that have no respect for the rule of law!

The election is coming. It is an opportunity for all fair minded Saint Lucians to stand up for the rule of law and stand up for our Constitution and reject the renegades in the United Workers Party.


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